Samsung Immerse Yourself

I worked with MTV UK and STK Films to produce the animation for this Samsung TabS commercial. All the animation was projection mapped into the sets and captured in camera.

Below I've added some production stills and screen shots.



Written & Directed Marco Ammannati (VIMN ABS)
Produced by Helen Power STK Films
Animation Director: Simon Russell
Animator: Kooch Chung
Animator: Kieran Gee-Finch
Production Manager: Anya Defries
Runner: Charlie Gibson
Runner: Kharn Roberts
Sales Director: Aelina Courtney
Sales Director: Hanna Gordon
Senior Producer: Anna Snowman
Sales Director: Kimberly Davidson
Production Manager: Rhiannon Nash
Production Coordinator: Hannah Ford
Princliple: Troy Copeland (AMCK Managment)

Production Designer: Petra Storrs (Petra Storrs Studio)
Art Dept: Claudia Forsbrey
Art Dept: Esther Longley
Art Dept: Alice Rigby
Set Build Assist: Adam Pang

Projections: Chris Philpott (Projection Artworks)
Projections: Tim Willrich
Projections: Louis Connelly

DOP: Ben Todd
Focus Puller: Andy Banwell
Grip: Mark Morley
2nd AC: Sophie Monneret
Lighting Equiptment: John (Panalux)
1st AD: Hamish Storey
Runner: Marianna Grinev-Branch
Gaffer: Christian Hayes
Spark: Dave Nye
Spark: Dan McCormack
Rigger: Pat Daly
Rigging equipment: Pat Daly (Blitz Rigging)
Scissor Lift: Charles Wilson

Editor: Barnaby Bretton/Mesh
Colour Grade: Vic Parker (Raised by Wolves)
Music and Sound Design: Matthew Wilcock (Zelig Sound)

DIT: Romek Sudek
Hair & Make-Up: Maggie Forrest
Location: Stage 5, 3Mills Studios Tom o'Donoghue
Behind The Scenes: Santiago Pasada

Insurance: Simon Lee (Allan Chapman & James)
Catering: Nichola (Healthy Yummies)
Comms hire: Wavevend

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